Unique and Creative Fillings

We make our own bread!

All Samies served with a side of fresh tomato dipping sauce

Riddle on the Griddle serves handcrafted Grilled Cheese Sandwiches throughout the Tampa Bay Area.

Looking for a great food truck to come regularly on a monthly or weekly basis?  We do corporate lunches, breweries and special events.   Book us today!

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  • Hmmm. . .fresh baked Pony Bread. #grilledcheese #handcrafted  #ponybread  #riddleonthegriddle
  • Grilling sweet peppers for the "Puebla" Grilled Cheese. Fresh homemade enchilada sauce, spicy pepper jack cheese, Mexican seasoned chicken, sweet peppers ...yum! #freshmarket #handcrafted
  • Thanks to Southern Brewing for hosting the Summer Market. It was a cheesy day! #handcrafted #grilledcheesetruck #freshmarkets

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  • Unique and Creative Fillings

  • Fresh and Wholesome Ingredients

  • Local and Organically Grown Produce when Possible

  • Served On Our Own-Made Pony Bread

Fresh Baked Pony Bread

The Riddle Advantage

  • Quiet Generators won’t interfere with conversation.

  • Adult and Child Friendly – Hey, who doesn’t love a Grilled Cheese?!

  • Licensed and Insured – No worries, we meet the legal requirements.

  • No Mess, No Fuss – You have no prep or clean-up because we are a completely self-contained kitchen.

Riddle on the Griddle is rolling to a location near you!


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